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A Still Point Amidst Change

Often times I find myself drawn to observe moments of stillness and movement in objects, people and abstract spaces. Stillness, for me, does not mean dead or glacial but that there is a latent and unconscious value, a poetic presence hanging upon the brink of transformation. A flower will always be a flower, whether it cycles as a seed or long after its petals have fallen to the ground and wither into dust. While these cycles of change occur, lending multiple identities to a whole, the original identity/memory always remains fixed.

Working between stills (digital and photographic) and moving images is a way for me to manifest my observations. Utilizing video, interactive technology and photography, my work deals with issues of memory, body, technology and space as transformative elements housing displaced identities.

Bridging from earlier works with box sculpture and assemblage narratives, my video work in interactive storytelling, often feels like an act of recovering memory. My work seeks to speak through dreams, photographs ... and expresses itself in either a memory, a mood, a song, dance or story.

- Christine Ka’aloa