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Christine Ka'aloa is a mixed media artist and travel photographer/writer. Her work as a Camera Operator-D.P. and Producer-Director for docu-reality TV shows fuel and inspire her constant love for traveling, exploring windows into different lifestyles, and cultures through the camera.

Her video work is influenced by her background in dance performance and visual art and explores language, while striving to address issues concerning memory, identity/Otherness and the corporeal body in technology. She experiments with performance, video editing techniques and non-linear narratives through structures such as dream psychology, memories, and photographs.

In 1997, after a career as an exhibiting mixed media artist and gaining gallery representation for work as an emerging photographer, Christine was introduced to butoh and dance performance. She joined the Iona Dance Theatre Company as a dancer/soloist and began integrating choreography and performance art into her own work and collaborations with other artists. In 2000, she was invited to participate in the Choreographer's Project '00 and received the Merit Award for Excellence in Performance & Cultural Preservation from the Hawaii State Dance Council for her collaborative piece with Dennis Miller, "Forbidden Sleep". Additionally, she and German experimental vocalist, Monika Lilleike formed the whiteNoise performance group which explored experimental techniques in performance, movement and voice. "The Snake that Ate its Own Tale" was their first public staging and was commissioned byThe Contemporary Museum in Honolulu. Christine has performed and choreographed work in Hawaii, New York and France.

In 2003, she was recognized as one of "The New Leonardos" in presentation of The New York Digital Salon for her interactive video installation "The Listening Pillow", which enabled viewers to create and author a simulated video dream experience via head navigation upon a bed and pillow. The piece was about a disembodied social culture rendered obsolete under a rapidly-advancing technological culture. Meanwhile, her video-audio work "Symphony" (2003) explored banal pedestrian movements and gestures in order to deconstruct movement-based languages which codify socialization. This piece premiered in the Video in the Built Environment Project , screening upon 25 foot public environment video screens in Liverpool, Manchester and the 2005 iDMAa Conference in Chicago; and continues to be screened at film festivals such as VidiFestival'06 , DANSCAMDANSE Festival and Vortice Argentina.

In New York, she has exhibited her video and audio works in such venues as BAM, Remote Lounge and Engine 27

Christine possesses a BFA in Fine Arts at the University of Southern California and an MFA Computer Arts with a focus in VIdeo & Interactivity at the School of Visual Arts, NY.

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