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Box Constructions and Assemblaging a Story
Through the looking glass - the worlds that Alice saw were comforting but frightening.

As a young girl, I had a love for storytelling and a passion for staging "miniature" worlds from found household objects (egg cartons, string, straws,...). I would use anything I could find to assemble imagination and memory into a language. Much of my art continues to be influenced by this process of "assembling a narrative" through the use of mixed mediums (assemblage).

For me, the use of boxes in my work allows me to create an intimate stage which houses displaced or discarded identities and lives. Boxes are curious things attracting innocence and questions. They are containers for secrets, yet its security can be both, alluringly confessional and condemning. I also have a fondness for utilizing childhood elements and miniatures as devices of duality, sexuality and seduction. The subjects of my works draw upon the devices of dreams, childhood memories, symbols, text and wordplay.

- Christine Ka'aloa (circa 1998)

plastic baubbles from Soulmate


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