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A well-composed image attracts the eye but without a conceptual thread and a fine razor's edge, there can be no romance... no seduction.

There's no division between interactive video technology and dance choreography for me, just as there's no division between me and my audience. The devices of vocabulary- image, movement, sound and rhythm- remain the same; "invention" changes with its creator. While an artist is a kind of "ghost writer" of the overall work of art; it's, the viewer--active or passive-- who is the participant of the show, performing and co-authoring their own experience.

Named one of The New Leonardos of the New York Digital Salon, 2003.

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i n t e r a c t i v e  w o r k s:    (2000-2003)


A Bird's Life
This shockwave game's objective-taken from a NY pigeon's POV- you must crap on as many people as you can before your next feeding. Exceed the "head count" limit & progress to the next level. 3 levels -from stationary to flight -to attain Pigeon Nirvana.

my toy piano
An interactive experiment deconstructing the bridge between language, sound & phonetics. Three interactive playgrounds from "signing" to scrawling phonetics on a chalkboard to playing notes on a musical chart, this piece seeks to question-- "What is Sound?"


(3 interactive rooms)
A hypertext database piece challenging the place and point in time when love takes a turn and goes awry . It is about the silent discourse between lovers and an embedded memory which allows the past to be relived again and again...

The Listening Pillow
(Installation & DVD-Interactive Video Journey)
Trapped in a Dreamer's dream, the viewer must navigate through multi-channeled video/audio tracks & embedded links to escape its endless tale.
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 Flycatcher 2002
  Greeting Card

*Shockwave Player required for viewing.
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