Hi, I’m Christine!

I’m a video storyteller, a female solo travel influencer and  video marketing & Youtube coach.

Seven years ago, I was a female solo traveler with a rising career living in New York city, filming and producing popular reality and online shows. I was a docu-reality producer and shooter working for a lot of corporate brands from MTV, Food Network, Yahoo, BET, VH1 and paid to travel. But the economy fell and I left the U.S. to spend a gap year living abroad (a dream of mine!) in Korea.

Long story short, when I moved back home to the U.S., I returned to my family in Hawaii. It was a monumental challenge breaking into a small patriarchal television industry on a small island with limited opportunities. Being a newcomer and female, a lot of men wouldn’t give me a chance despite my proven success working with lead cable networks. Wanting to survive my passion for video storytelling, I went onto YouTube.  And re-scripted my life!

I grew my influence in the travel blogging industry and created a solo travel YouTube brand and blog to empower solo travelers around the world to confidently take their first leap into traveling alone. I’ve gotten a lot of emails over the years from both, women and men about how my videos helped launch and plan their first solo trip.

Brands like Apple, Manfrotto, Travel Channel,… approached me at 25,000 subscribers and ultimately I worked on campaigns with SanDisk, Mazda, Airbnb. These were brands I thought I had to be living in New York or Los Angeles to work with!  I’m occasionally hired for tourism board campaigns and to create fresh content, I work with sponsor(s) on almost every trip I take!

Today, I’m coaching creators & businesses to grow influence and monetize with strategy mindset and powerful personal branding on YouTube.

Video is my immersed passion – I’ve worked in most formats from corporate and news to lifestyle television shows, red carpet and live events. I’m also a SAG-AFTRA actress.

But YouTube and growing an travel influencer business took a lot of years of trial and error!

I’ve had coaches all my life– for athletics training, dance, meditation, acting… If you want to excel in anything, you need someone more experienced to guide you and help sculpt your potential.

You can struggle with guesswork for years, slug it out trying to figure out how your competitors are succeeding where you’re not, Google answers and watch YouTube tip videos till you’re overwhelmed and uncertain what will work …and basically, never recognize or own your true potential. 

I’m going to give you the jumpstart and guide you past all the head-scratching… to grow and monetize on YouTube strategically.

Let’s jumpstart your YouTube channel game…NOW.



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…Worried about losing opportunities and big brand deals, because you don’t know how to price yourself?  ( At 25K on YouTube, I lost both,  Apple and Manfrotto sponsorships because I didn’t know how to negotiate for my brand!  )

…Wish you had one resource and customized help to help guide your YouTube potential to branded success?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then that’s where I come in.

My goal is to get your YouTube business working towards monetization early on with the right mindset and strategies.

THE #1 MISTAKE YOUTUBE CREATORS MAKE … money, success and influence are not about subscriber counts.

Want to know how you can make YouTube a sustainable business? 

It’s time to stop treating YouTube like a hobby. 

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My YouTube coaching program is designed for video creators and business owners who are striving to expand their influence and profit. We’ll come up with a customized strategy plan for your channel to level up your game so you know what 100K+ channels know and start you on a powerful business mindset.

Learn to attract your target audience, grow and monetize your brand through the power of YouTube marketing.

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Exploring B.C. after my Arctic Ocean trip with Mazda.

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My online program teaches you my Video Jumpstart method on how to accelerate your growth on YouTube, build a business mindset and monetize from day one!

I dish insider strategies on building a powerful personal brand, the biggest mistakes YouTubers make, bonus templates and pitch templates make workflow and brand negotiations a breeze and so much more, more, more.

You’ll have all you need to navigate and succeed in this market.

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