How to Make Money with YouTube Handbook

Ways to Monetize Video with YouTube to Video Production handbook

Ways to Monetize Video with YouTube to Video Production handbook

Calling Content Creators~
Have you spent hours Googling “How to make money on YouTube?”.. but still feel lost?
…Wondered if you need a lot of followers to generate an income?  
…Wondered what tools content creators use and the different strategies for monetizing content?
Your questions are answered in this book.

Note: You can apply many of my principles and tools to blogging and content creation. Everything I learned from my blogging and content creator business, I shifted over to YouTube!

Unlimited Income-Profiting Value for only


Learn the best ways to monetize video content

YouTube to Video Production:
Ways to Monetize Video Handbook

Ways to make money on youtube

Ways to make money on youtube

How do I make money with YouTube & video?

From affiliate sales to fan subscriptions, brand deals and freelance video work, there are endless ways content creators can earn a living from what they do. But it requires savvy, creative and strategy.

The handbook drops gold nuggets of resources I use and my money making secrets of being a travel blogger,  YouTube influencer and in the television/video production industry.

In this 50 page ebook  you’ll find rates, online tools I’ve used and a deep dive into creative strategies which will get you thinking outside of the box of how to negotiating bigger and better opportunities. You can apply half of these principles and tools if you’re a blogger or content creator. I know this, because I transferred my blogger business techniques to YouTube.

If you’re serious about making money your content and video passions, you want this content creator handbook in your pocket!

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Creative Pitching for paid and sponsored projects
  • Fan income
  • Utilizing your skills for video freelancing
Pricing will rise as updates occur.
This book grows with inside money-making secrets

Peek inside the Table of Contents

VJA Ways to Monetize Video: YouTube to Video Production

VJA Ways to Monetize Video: YouTube to Video Production

This Handbook is for you if you want

To Seize all the YouTube money-earning opportunities you can!

It’s money- honey! You wanna earn money with this YouTube side hustle thing and you want to know the best way to monetize videos. You want to know how to make your channel a business.

To Know Different ways to Monetize YouTube

You’re not doing this for a hobby. You want to MAKE MONEY on YouTube and from the skills you learn from it!

Successful frameworks for fast learning and implementation

You want a guide to break down and simplify the process so you can use and replicate for your own brand and channel

Real Words from Real People

“With a two weeks after reading and implementing some of the strategies in this book, I made well over my money back and I’m still earning. Highly recommend”. – Jade C.


“At first I was skeptical but Christine holds nothing back. I was curious about the freelance video because I want to use my youtube skills as a springboard for possible freelance work–  there was a lot of good insider information and all in one place. Christine knows legit jobs and side hustle gigs down to an art. Even if YouTube didn’t work out, I have every confidence I can try much of what is in that chapter!” – Vanessa B.


I’m a small YouTuber and still under 1000 subs~ this gave me a lot of ideas for how I can create many streams of income through Youtube! Thanks Christine.“- Andrew H

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the Downloads I will get in this course?This is a pdf download.
  • Can I still gain value from this book even if I am a blogger (and not a video creator) ? Yes!   With the exception of social media influencers, you can tweak these ideas towards your platform.  Everything I learned from my blogging business, I tweaked for YouTube. Blogging and content creation were predecessors to me before I jumped into YouTube and they are my invaluable community.   The only chapter specific to video is the Video Production section, where I dive into different jobs your YouTube skills groom you towards.
  • Will the price raise over time? Yes, it may as this book evolves.  This book will get occasional updates as feedback and questions arise. I hope for it to be a growing resource and eventually its own course.  You get a lifetime access and this book is housed on a platform you can log into.
  • How is different from your Money Making Bundle: Media Kit & Sponsorships Course?This is a pdf handbook vs an e-course with video tutorials, action worksheets, etc… Although this handbook touches on information about affiliate program and brand deals/sponsorships, the Money Making Bundle: Media Kit & Sponsorships course runs deeper into video modules and hand-holding with proven pitch and negotiation templates, a money mindset section and advice about the inner workings and How Tos of influencer monetization.The distinguishing feature is that this handbook angles towards going from YouTube to video production (which holds potentially larger profits than brand deals).  The Money Making bundle e-course focuses on the tools and skills required in being a successful influencer.
  • Is this refundable?Nope. Due to the nature of digital items, there are no refunds. But I guarantee you’ll benefit from it.


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