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Want to grow your side hustle income with YouTube & video?

This Handbook is for you if you want

Seize all the YouTube money-earning opportunities you can!

It’s money- honey! You wanna earn money with this YouTube side hustle thing and you want to know the best way to monetize videos.

Learn ways to Monetize YouTube

You want doable money-making tactics to use for your own YouTube brand and you’d like to grow your video production skills into a successful working-paying business!

Proven frameworks for easy learning and implementation

You want a guide to break down and simplify the process so you can use and replicate for your own brand and channel

Video is my passion. When I first got out of school and entered the video & television profession, I challenged myself to take only video projects to pay my rent & lifestyle in New York. The job could be in front or behind the camera, but it had to be on a production set perfecting a craft. With a strict parameter like that, I got super focused, creative and hustled as if my life, creativity and survival depended upon it.  I never had a boring job,  was never stuck in a routine and it was never industry I wanted to quit.  Moving home to Hawaii, there were even less opportunities to continue my video dreams, so my hustle turned to YouTube and travel blogging. Again, I got creative

Relying solely on YouTube for your income is not a sustainable business plan. You need multiple streams of income. 

In this book, I bridge my two favorite worlds through video.

I know what it’s like to not know where to put your talent or how to make money doing what you love.  This is a helping hand up, if you’re trying to figure out how to YouTubers and content creators engineer their side hustles!


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Learn the best ways to monetize video content

How to Make Money with YouTube ebook: YouTube to Video Production Handbook

How do I make money with YouTube & video?

Every video and content creator NEEDS to know how to grow multiple streams of income. Period.

From affiliate sales to fan subscriptions, brand deals and freelance video work, there are endless ways content creators can earn a living from what they do. But it requires savvy, creative and strategy!

For many, this can take years of trial and error to learn.  So with this book i’m saving you the most precious commodity you’ll ever have– time!

In this cliff-notes ebook  you will :

  • Learn over 64 ways to monetize video with YouTube
  • Access insider tips on side hustle the way content creators do
  • Define your strategy with social media vs main platforms.
  • Discover how your YouTube “side hustle” can be applied to a high paying job or career
  • Know how to deal with and monetize copyright infringement 

Save yourself years of frustration figuring it out on your own. This is for the YouTube creator who wants to get PAID for their time and creative labor!

This  handbook is a must if you want to profit from your passion!

This handbook receives updates.
Lifetime access.

*Next update to the book is on How to Make Money on Patreon*

Peek Inside the Table of Contents

How to Make Money with YouTube Handbook

Real Words from Real People


“At first I was skeptical but Christine holds nothing back. I was curious about the freelance video because I want to use my youtube skills as a springboard for possible freelance work–  there was a lot of good insider information and all in one place. Christine knowsand side hustle gigs down to an art. Even if YouTube didn’t work out, I have every confidence I can try much of what is in that chapter!” – Vanessa B.


I’m a small YouTuber and still under 1000 subs~ this gave me a lot of ideas for how I can create many streams of income through Youtube! Thanks Christine.“- Andrew H

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the Downloads I will get in this course?This is a pdf download.
  • Can I still gain value from this book even if I am a blogger (and not a video creator) ? Yes!   With the exception of social media influencers, you can tweak these ideas towards your platform.  Everything I learned from my blogging business, I tweaked for YouTube. Blogging and content creation were predecessors to me before I jumped into YouTube and they are my invaluable community.   The only chapter specific to video is the Video Production section, where I dive into different jobs your YouTube skills groom you towards.
  • What do you mean I get a lifetime access to book which gets updates? You get a lifetime access and this book is housed on a platform you can log into. This book will get occasional updates as feedback and questions arise; meaning, your participation and question you leave for me can influence its growth. My goal is for this to be an evolving resource and eventually its own course!
  • How is different from your Money Making Bundle? This is a pdf handbook vs an e-course with video tutorials, action worksheets, etc… Although this handbook touches on money-making principles I share in my ecourse, I only cover brand deals/sponsorships as ways to use them as a springboard. The Money Making Bundle is a Media Kit & Landing Sponsorships course with plug-and-play pitch and negotiation templates, a money mindset section and advice about the inner workings of the influencer business such as press trips, negotiating pay, etc…The special bonus that this ebook covers is insight into video production careers (which can hold higher profits and is a paid travel job in itself ).
  • Is this geared towards a western audience?  Mostly. While you can apply the mindset principles and alternate strategies i share to your business, the two deep dive chapters are on affiliate sales and video production industry, where I share western rates and I talk about working with affiliate partner programs which not all countries are developed in.  However, as this book is growing with information as more customers join my Facebook group and reach out with questions, you never know.

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