patreon secrets to growing an income with patreon
patreon secrets to growing an income


You can grow your creator income with Patreon?

Yes, some content creators earn a full income with fan funding on Patreon.

But many also fail at doing this, because fan funding can be intimidating to creators.

 Many creators make the MISTAKE of :

Feeling they have to go it alone than request fan funding support.
Fearing they are begging audiences or asking for a handout.
Not knowing how to start on Patreon.
Over promising and under pricing rewards.

And the worst– Not knowing fan funding is even an option.

You CAN grow your true fans and make money with Patreon.

I breakdown how Patreon works best with strategic insider tips I learned from making mistakes! This is a cheat sheet of Patreon information, personal experiences, tried and true tips and creative ideas that I’ve used to fund my travel videos and grow my creator income.

In Patreon Secrets: How to Grow your Income with Patreon ebook you will :  

• Learn mindset tips to not feel icky or salesy when asking for monetary support from fans

• Attract patrons even with a small following.

• Learn about Patreon reward tiers that FUEL patron sign ups

• Unlock insider tips on what to DO and AVOID for Patreon success

• Gain mindset tools to hurdle limiting beliefs about money & fan funding

• Uncover five hidden fees to BEWARE of!

• Learn my tips for pricing your Patreon tiers

• Make money, deepen your relationship with fans and avoid creative burnout.

This creator handbook is a must if you want to profit from your passion and grow your YouTube and blog community through Patreon!

It’s time to meet your true fans today.

Secure your Patreon Secrets to growing your income !

Why I created Patreon Secrets

Patreon tips for YouTubers & Bloggers

“Video and blogging are my creator passions.  But relying solely on YouTube/Google income and brand deals, etc.. for my income was not enough. Much of that income relies on fluctuating traffic and engagement.

Ironically, in a changing technological world, one thing which doesn’t fluctuate much are your true fans and their dedication to helping you achieve your dreams.

Being on Patreon helped to boost my income and its earning consistency a lot, thanks to loyal patrons– some of whom had been with me since the early stages of my YouTube channel. In fact, my Patreon income was always more stable than my YouTube earnings.

My Patreon crew is also my biggest supporters and invisible assistance in some of my most crucial creative decisions. Their feedback and presence have helped make me a better creator.

I know what it’s like to:

 Be afraid to ask for help and handouts

To suffer in silence not knowing how to make money doing what you love .

If you’re trying to figure out how YouTubers and content creators engineer Patreon, you want this ebook.


Making Money with YouTube & Blogging ebook + Patreon Secrets

Monetizing YouTube + Patreon Secret tips for growing an income ebook Combo Bundle

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  • Is this e-book suitable for me?This course is designed for beginners to intermediate levels, and anyone who wants to make YouTube more than just a hobby. All folks are welcome from teens to moms, videographers, business owners and even creators with a channel of several years.
  • Is this ebook refundable? No. Due to the nature of a digital products, the moment a student gains access, they have full access to the downloadable material. But I have every confidence that you will be glad you made the investment.


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