Money Making Media Kit Bundle

money making media kit for influencers

Influencer Money Making Media Kit Bundle

Wonder how to make money on YouTube with sponsors? 
Wondering why you’re not getting brand deals and get press trip opportunities too?
Jaded and annoyed with emails looking for cheap or free labor? 
Want to get PAID for your video skills, time and hard work?…
Tired of spending brain numbing hours trying to figure out “your worth”?


Yup, I know … I was YOU.

Today, I work with sponsors on almost every trip I take and I’ve gotten comfortable with negotiating my own deals.

This bundle contains all the tools and video lessons to understand the influencer business mindset of finding/getting the sponsorships you deserve, negotiate brand deals with confidence using my own negotiating template, pitching brands for projects and more, more, more!


-Making a winning media kit
– How to score sponsorships and press trips
– Press trips vs influencer campaigns
– Influencer business etiquette
– Different types of Influencer currency
– Is work-for-exchange a dirty word?
– Art of Negotiating and pricing your work
– Art of the Upsell
– Innovative pitches
– Wealth Mindset

Plug-n-play pitch templates for influencers
(to make working with you a no brainer!)

Such as pitch templates for:

– Hotels
– Tours & Activities
— Products
— Negotiating template
+   Learn how they all work.
– 56 Ways to Make money with YouTube (holds a lot of secrets and innovative ways i’ve used to open income streams for my channel)

Bundle coming Mid-March 2021

Bundle coming Mid-March 2021


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