money making media kit for influencers

Influencer Money Making Media Kit Bundle

Wonder how to make money on YouTube with sponsors? 
Wondering where to find sponsorships and get press trip opportunities? 
Jaded and annoyed with emails looking for cheap or free labor? 
Want to get PAID for your video skills, time and hard work?…
Tired of spending brain numbing hours trying to figure out “your worth”?

Yup, I know … I was YOU.

Today, I work with sponsors on almost every trip I take and I’ve gotten comfortable with negotiating my own deals.

This Money Making
Media Kit & Sponsorship Bundle Includes:

This bundle contains all the tools and video lessons to understand the influencer business mindset of finding/getting the sponsorships you deserve, negotiate brand deals with confidence using my own negotiating template, pitching brands for projects and more, more, more!

Get and learn how sponsorships with hotels, tours & activities, products & services, etc.. work!
Learn how to transform unpaid sponsorship to paid.
Negotiate brand deals fearlessly, with knowledge of the ins and outs.
Gain easy-to-use pitch templates, which has successfully scored copious amounts of sponsorship and paid support.


The Problem with Being a Creator
-Sponsorship vs Paid Campaigns
-Making a winning media kit
– How to score sponsorships and press trips
– Press trips vs influencer campaigns
– Influencer business etiquette
– Is exchange a dirty word?
– Art of Negotiating and pricing your work
– How to Ask for Money.
– Contract clauses to beware of
– Innovative pitches
– Money Mindset
…and more!


This Money Making Bundle is for you if you want

To Seize all the YouTube money-earning opportunities you can!

It’s money- honey! You wanna earn money with this YouTube side hustle thing, despite whether or not you’re in a profitable niche or if the algorithm hates you. You want to know how to make your channel a business.

You want to be PAID for your hard work!

It’s time for you to SHINE! Be respected for your craft, audience and brand. You want the opportunities other influencers are getting too!

Proven templates and fast-action checklists for learning.

You want plug and play templates to keep you from overwhelm, because you never know when the big brands will come knocking.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the Downloads I will get in this course? You get checklists,  pdf guides, spreadsheet templates and a couple of step-by-step video tutorials created to gain you thoughtful results towards your YouTube brand startup.
  • Is this e-course suitable for me?This course is designed for beginners to intermediate levels, and anyone who wants to make YouTube more than just a hobby. All folks are welcome from teens to moms, videographers, business owners and even creators with a channel of several years.
  • Will I learn filmmaking?  This is not a filmmaking or cinematography course; although I may add that type of course in the future. This course is designed to teach you the ESSENTIALS you NEED for fast implementation for a successful YouTube brand and business. You will have access to gear recommendations and filmmaking tips, but it is not a tutorial on how to get cinematic shots or storyboarding. Most channels can operate with basic understanding of video.
  • Is this course refundable? No. Due to the nature of a digital course and the downloadable worksheets, checklists and templates, the moment a student gains access, they have full access to the downloadable material. But I have every confidence that you will be glad you made the investment.
  • How is different from your Video Jumpstart Academy and YouTube Influence Course?  This starter kit bundle is a compilation of some of the premium elements of VJA bootcamp and my YouTube Influence Course. VJA is my premium 12 week group coaching bootcamp where you get customized attention for your YouTube brand goals and sculpting from me personally- we move together through setting up the complex strategies. Meanwhile, YouTube Influence is a do-it-yourself version of VJA bootcamp with video modules, checklists and fast action worksheets to accelerate your transformation .


The contents of the bundle is the intellectual property of GRRRLTRAVELER LLC. No permission is given to re-upload, re-brand, re-purpose, re-packaging or re-sell the contents included. This is strictly for the purpose of learning and no permission is given to commercial license.

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