Creating a YouTube Workflow System
Creating a YouTube Workflow System

A game changing Step-by-step video tutorial and plug-n-play workflow template on Airtable

Do you have a YouTube work flow system ?

A YouTube work flow system is essential!

Workflow systems are vital to YouTubers and content creators looking to grow an influencer business. There are always more components and steps to making a  YouTube video which  successfully grows your channel brand. So much goes into the process that it is easy to lose sight of the priority of monetizing your business.

Having an organized YouTube workflow system keeps you on track, organized and efficient with the creation process, video ideas, and business so that you are not wasting time  hunting down pieces or creating an unfruitful  YouTube practice. It reduces overwhelm and helps you see the bigger picture so you can make better decisions.

This tutorial video walks you through how to set up my workflow system  showing you  how I use my PowerFLO system and WHY each piece of my process is important to sculpting a  monetized and bullet-proofbusiness.

This tutorial is a powerful springboard for learning how to customize your process and build your brand business strategically. 

What you get in this YouTube Jumpstart PowerFLO system tutorial:

– Learn how to set up and use Airtable for your workflow efficiency.
 (We use the Basic/Free plan)

– See the bigger picture of the YouTube influencer’s process.

– Organizes your YouTube  workflow and stages in a managable way.    

– Keep everything in one place, organizes, systematizes and  prioritizes your video work .

– Store your SEO research and brainstorm video ideas in one place as you as you figure out which is best to get you discovered.

Keeps you thinking about the purpose behind each video creation in terms of earning revenue; not just video views.

And More!

Do not waste your time creating videos solely for views.

Requirement: Free Account on Airtable.


Being a  solo content creator, influencer and blogger burnout happens a lot and the mental workload of juggling different processes and platforms can be stressful when you’re doing it alone. I often wished for an office and business manager to track everything so I wouldn’t be backvlogged by deadlines and they could keep me on point with my business, so I wasn’t just bleeding money through my videos.

It was easy to be overwhelmed and waste time when you don’t have a process. I tried Asana and Trello and none of it stuck. Trying to figure out how to use premade templates was not easy without someone to explain or customize them for my YouTube workload. I  found better control and success when I started my first Jumpstart PowerFLO system for editing and keyword process.

But  this Jumpstart PowerFLO system is on Airtable is the most robust and my proudest yet. It covers a fuller creator to business spectrum.

This mini e-course is a powerful springboard for learning how to customize your process and build your brand business strategically. It will enlighten you to practices most creators never think will affect their YouTube and content creator business.