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YouTube Influence Course

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My do-it-yourself- YouTube Influence e-course is to fast track your YouTube influencer journey and create a bullet-proof business. We start with seeding the foundation of your brand to grow, influence and monetize from the start! This is for the new solo creator or entrepreneur who wants a guiding framework to make YouTube your business and to learn the ins and outs which come with creating.

Course focuses on my 3-step signature framework of seeding and sculpting:

  • A profitable and powerful personal brand and business on YouTube.
  • A confident on-camera YouTube personality audiences love
  •  Brand, Channel and Content Strategy
  • Frameworks to generate content to attract your tribe, SEO optimization methods to get your work noticed and discovered.
  • Keeping your business scaleable

If you are a business looking to attract customers or a creator/influencer looking for a profitable side hustle, this course is for you.

Included: Fast action workflow worksheets, mindset lessons and insights into systems and strategies for success.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate levels.

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