Conference Speaker

Being a YouTube and social media personality to an English teacher in Korea to an American actress/performer,  Christine is comfortable with public speaking in front of a live audience and on-camera.

From speaking at travel influencer conferences to being interviewed on podcasts and conference festivals, Christine has spoken publicly on many topics both travel and YouTube-creator related.

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A Teacher of English and Drama

Teaching in Asia is like being both, an entertainer and actress. From mock class interviews to singing and dancing in front of an auditorium of children, you will never be fully prepared for meeting the off-beat job demands in Asia.

Christine worked for a year in South Korea, teaching English to both, Korean elementary students (Kindergarten to Sixth grade and parents) so she understands how to have patience with learners and children. In Korean schools, English is taught a lot through games, song and dance, so Christine had to prepare lessons and instruct in this format.

She also spent a summer teaching at an English camp focused on drama and musicals. She had to sketch, choreograph and direct elementary students to sing, dance and perform in English!

She has gotten several emails that her travel videos are being used in classes around the world to teach English.

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