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A vacation doesn’t start until after you survive it.

Christine Ka’aloa is the intrepid personality, travel influencer and host for blog and YouTube travel channel, GRRRLTRAVELER.

Between a curious explorer, a quirky girl next door, and rugged female traveler hopping public transportation in developing countries, Christine films, produces, hosts her own travel adventures, drawing viewers inside her solo adventure of surviving food, travel and culture shock, one destination at a time. Afterall, a vacation doesn’t start until after you survive it!  

 Conquering fears with curiosity

Christine is a lover of culture shock and anything she hasn’t tried yet. Embracing the fear and concerns of the average female traveler, Christine dives in with bold caution and a bit of humor, finding fun curiosity in everything.

From street food, to a bout with a squat toilet,  interacting with local villagers to sleeping in a bus station in India, Christine will humorously conquer her fears for the sake of adventure and a bucket list.

A lifetime traveler with a forever passport

Christine has traveled as long as she can remember. Unlike travelers who started their career breaking away from the 9-5, Christine’s travel career came by pursuing artistic creativity.

Her passions have always taken her around the world to showcase her talent, whether collaborating with dance performers, giving presentations on art and dance or holding a gallery exhibition for installation art projects, her family has always fostered a healthy mindset towards exploration.

and cultural open-mindedness.


Embracing the Adventure Way through obstacles & setbacks

Christine started her female solo travel career when a group trip to India with friends went awry and she had to continue the journey on her own. Christine is not afraid to let her slips show.  Her travels tend to encounter occasional unlucky luck with setbacks and stumbles, but Christine manages to find the silver lining and humor.

Today, Christine’s solo travel creator brand GRRRLTRAVELER is growing with 250,000+ and growing global fans spread across social media, blogging, and YouTube. She engages fans by filming her solo travel adventures, tips, foodie passions and inspiring videos and photos of solo adventures.

She is also an ambassador of responsible and sustainable tourism and a passionate supporter of animal welfare.

Adventure Skills:

Eating street food

PADI/SSI certified Advanced Diver

Yoga Certified from Dharamsala, India

Actively enjoys hiking and adventure trekking to explore landscapes and village cultures


White Water River Rafting

Survival Phrases & Beginning/Intermediate skills (Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean);

Lived/worked in South Korea for a year.

christine kaaloa professional hiker

A loves for cultures, lifestyles and people of all ages

Christine believes each person’s story should be told.

As a BIPOC, Christine is native Hawaiian, Japanese, German & Chinese. Born and raised in Hawaii/Oahu, she learned to navigate the cultural bibimbap of chopsticks, forks and poi fingers at an early age. She wears each culture she enters and loves being a storyteller for people and cultures.

Pasta cooking class with nonnas
christine kaaloa Italian cooking class with nonnas + Nonna Nerina at Palombara Sabina, Italy

A serial country traveler.

Christine does not believe you can DO a country in a week, month, or even year; instead, you are merely skimming the surface. She loves revisiting countries, each time diving deeper into the cultures, their myths, social narratives, people and food, finding new adventures each time. Favorite countries she is versed in :

  • India
  • Thailand
  • South Korea
  • Japan


As a scholarship recruit at Washington University in St.Louis, Missouri , Christine’s team went on to win the NCAAIII Women’s Collegiate Volleyball Championship.  She transferred to complete her BAFA in Fine Arts at the University of Southern California and got her MFA in Computer Arts and Video Interactivity at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Awards and Honors

1989 NCAA Division III Women’s Volleyball Championship

2001 Hawaii State Dance Council Award for Choreography

2003 Recognized as the New Leonardo of the 2003 New York Digital Salon for her MFA thesis, an interactive video installation.

2005 Jury panelist for School of Visual Arts MFA Scholarship Awards

2015 Inducted into the Hall of Fame for being the first team to win the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Championship in their division!

Christine’s IMDB profile.