Christine is a consumate world traveler, both, off-camera and on-camera.

As a quirky travel vlogger and intrepid blogger of GRRRLTRAVELER, she started her solo travel brand after a trip to India with friends went awry and she was forced to go solo in India and Nepal. She has been the Traveling CEO of GRRRLTRAVELER for over 12 years, creating weekly travel episodes, blog guides and inspirational content.

From speaking at travel influencer conferences to being interviewed on podcasts and conference festivals, Christine has spoken publicly on many topics both travel and YouTube-creator related.

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Solo Travel & Food Expert

As a legacy solo travel blogger, she has been an advocate for and expert of solo female travel for over ten years and is one of the first female solo travel channels on YouTube, committed to taking viewers inside the experience of traveling alone, so she has ridden the YouTube wave from its early iteration to its popularity today.

As a host, Christine is an travel expert in quickly decoding any city and culture and offering handy tips and insight on budget, solo travel, culture and getting around. She has lived in: Hawaii, South Korea, Los Angeles, St.Louis and New York.

Christine is ethnically ambiguous. She is half Japanese and Hawaiian, German & Chinese. She is a product of cultural mixing and is at home anywhere.


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Field Producer & Interviewer

Christine’s episode producing and interviewing style formula is:

Docu-reality and lifestyle television + YouTube watch time analytics + Social Media engagement metrics

This is all she’s known since 2006 in creating and producing video content for television and online media.  With a field-producing and directing background in docu-reality shows like MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen, Engaged & Underage, Camp’d Out, Christine is comfortable both, interviewing and directing talent on and off-camera. Further sculpted by watch retention analytics and engagement metrics, Christine  knows the questions she needs to ask to narrate an engaging story and flesh out an info-taining episode for the new generation of viewers.

Food Host

As a food expert, Christine’s curiosity leads her palate to street foods and occasionally foods she finds intimidating. She is pescatarian and will occasionally break fast to taste test the hype of certain foods. She is passionate about breaking down food to understand cultures, believing that

Great cultural insight can be derived from the common man’s  food …. street food.

Christine seeks to take a country’s foods to a deeper level of cultural insight.

She has interviewed street vendors to hotel chefs to local food experts and fellow YouTubers to take audiences closer to the streets.

Trip Planning: Korea, India, Asia & Southeast Asia

Christine worked for a year in South Korea, teaching English and drama to Korean elementary students, then took a seven-month solo backpacking trip through East and Southeast Asia, landing her with a yoga teacher’s certification in India and a blessing from the holy Karmapa. Trip planning for Korea, India, Asia and Southeast Asia are other facets of her expertise

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