Video Jumpstart Academy

How to Make Money on YouTube.YouTube Group Mastermind Bootcamp


… Overwhelmed with starting a YouTube channel all alone?

… Fear you lack the right on-camera personality and want help?

… Love creating but the “business part” boggles your mind?

… Want to know how to make money on YouTube ?

Wish you had customized help, personal feedback, a YouTube coach and mastermind group to sculpt your YouTube brand  for success?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then that’s where I come in.

I spent years making the mistakes, so that you don’t have to.

I’ve gone down the lonely do-it-yourself path. You can fall into rabbit holes of wasted time, money, energy, and still remain stuck

But I also work and get invited on YouTube influencer campaigns and press trips regularly enough to know what really matters and builds a sustainable YouTube brand, grow traffic and sculpt influence.

Yes, you can make money with YouTube. You can create a brand you’re proud of, build your tribe and go full-time on YouTube.

Let’s Jumpstart your YouTube brand NOW!

Here’s what you’ll learn

Video Jumpstart Academy is a 12 week group mastermind bootcamp to fast track your YouTube brand and create a bullet-proof business. We start with seeding your YouTube business with powerful personal branding to grow influence and monetize from the start! This is for the new solo creator/entrepreneur, who wants a guiding framework, accountability, peer growth and feedback on ideas for a profitable YouTube brand and business.  All my years on YouTube are condensed into one bootcamp, where you will learn from my successes, mistakes and more.

Group coaching sessions are supplemented with video lessons and a 1:1 coaching session with Christine. This bootcamp will give you the accountability to keep you sculpting your brand and its framework each week, while learning how to turboboost your audience and become an expert in your field !

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  • Laser focus on your target audience & draw your tribe to you like a magnet to grow your following & engagement
  • Strategically create content that connects with your tribe, dramatically increasing engagement & creates income while you sleep!
  • Harness the power of YouTube SEO, discoverability and accelerate your traffic
  • Overcome fears, doubts and guesses about who you should be on-camera and why your audiences will love you for who you are!
  • Discover the unique IT factor and secret sauce to sculpt a magnetic brand that stands out in the YouTube sea.
  • Get confident with proven frameworks and tips
  • Understand the algorithm and what to feed it so that YouTube helps you grow your channel.
  • Create an authentic brand and YouTube personality that both, you and audiences will love.
  •  Worksheets, mindset lessons and insights into systems and strategies for success.
  • Fast action bonus lessons ( sign up 24 Hours after Live Masterclass)

This program is for you if…

 Get confident with YouTube.

 Accelerate results by building a strong influencer brand

 Get laser-focused on your signature YouTube brand and discover your secret sauce!

 Make your channel sticky to audiences and grow your tribe

 Create profitable content your audience wants and seeks.

 Monetize your channel before reaching 1,000 subscribers.

 Create a strong business plan and learn systems to make your work flow quick and easy.

 Work with a clear frameworks, proven strategies and no-brainer templates which guide you to win!

Do you want to fast track your growth?

BUT you might be saying to yourself…


 … I can’t afford to spend money on this, because I might not make it back.

… It’s too expensive.

… What if my friends and family think I’m ridiculous.


I hear you. I WAS you.

But I want you to think of this…

Expensive” is the time, energy and cost you invest in videos when you:

…don’t know what you’re doing or where to start

…waste time chasing scattered freebies without knowing how to apply it to your channel.

… do not have a strong business and brand foundation.

… do not know the YouTube strategies which actually DO work.

… do not monetize ASAP!


Think of it this way

⇒ You are getting white gloves customized help, accountability and feedback in building your YouTube brand business. 

⇒ You are saving $40,000+ of your LIFE!  Video Jumpstart Academy  was created to build YouTube business success and a profitable future; it is not a filmmaking or explore-your-creativity course.

I went the do-it-yourself solo route and it cost me eight years of learning, growing, failing and succeeding.  That’s why I created this course — you get all your answers in one place, proven frameworks and step-by-step strategies from an experienced and reputable source, who has experienced the road ahead and can steer you past common YouTube mistakes (made by myself and YouTube peers) so you jumpstart on monetization opportunities early.

The pricing of my course and program will go up as I keep adding information. You get lifetime access as the course grows.

Video Jumpstart Academy is educational and for business growth, thus it is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

What if your family, friends and the world recognizes your zone of genius and you have a personal brand/ business which inspires/helps others, while creating larger opportunities for yourself.

Wouldn’t that feel GREAT? 

I won’t lie– YouTube is hard work. A majority of creators quit from channel stagnation, frustration, not seeing a channel/financial growth and burnout.

I’ve experienced all those things, but I’ve also engineered a lot of success for my YouTube channel (and I also run a blog and social media platforms)…as a solo-preneur! I can tell you how the do-it-yourself version goes and how many creators do not get lift-off on their dreams. I’ll also show you how I outsource work. I have experienced it all.

YouTube offers the strongest conversion for marketing and the greatest opportunity for discovery

(the fact that travel host auditions knock on my door and my fans recognize me when I’m traveling other continents still blows my mind!).

Video Jumpstart Academy  shaves off years of guesswork, burnout and frustration. I made all the mistakes so YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

Isn’t a successful influencer brand and business worth investing in?

Aren’t you worth it?


The Program Core Features

Brand Building & Business Mindset

Laser-focus on your audience and unique IT factor personality to build your brand and loving tribe.

Content Framework

Seed juicy content to grow your tribe and monetize at the same time. Learn which types of videos you need in your channel to turbo charge your traffic and income, while creating value.

Seed, Sculpt & Sell

Learn my framework to work smarter, not harder and experience MORE RESULTS in views, quality subscribers and income!

Personal Feedback & Accountability

Whether you are in travel, food, crafting, financial, etc.. you get feedback on your ideas and accountability from the group. You will be in the dark when making decisions on your brand ideas and business.

On-Camera Confidence

Get confident that you’re on the right path to success. Learn tricks to bring out your dazzling personality and let viewers fall in love with the real YOU.

BONUS: Accelerate & Optimize

Easily navigate YouTube SEO by understanding the algorithm, get plug & play YouTube scripting template and know how to optimize your videos before you hit Publish.

Included: Video lessons, actionable worksheets, templates, checklists and more.

Testimonials: Real Words by Real People

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the Downloads I will get in this course?You will get worksheet exercises, checklists and pdfs created to gain you thoughtful results towards personal brand building and content strategies.


  • Is this e-course suitable for me?This course is designed for beginners to intermediate levels, and anyone who wants to make YouTube more than just a hobby. All folks are welcome from teens to moms, videographers, business owners and even creators with a channel of several years.


  • Will I learn filmmaking?  This is not a filmmaking or cinematography course; although I may add that type of course in the future. This course is designed to teach you the ESSENTIALS you NEED for fast implementation for a successful YouTube brand and business. You will have access to gear recommendations and filmmaking tips, but it is not a tutorial on how to get cinematic shots or storyboarding. Most channels can operate with basic understanding of video.


  • Is this course refundable? No. Due to the nature of a digital course and the downloadable worksheets, checklists and templates, the moment a student gains access, they have full access to the downloadable material. But I have every confidence that you will be glad you made the investment.

All sales are final for this course. Due to the nature of educational programs and electronic transmission, there are no refunds. Read our E-Course Terms of Agreement