Running Time, 2002
Duration: 4 min 32 sec
3- channel installation dealing with time, futility, bending reality and the perception of them all.

I looked upon a clock to find the truth...I heard the rolling of my heartbeats, I heard the footsteps of my dreams, & the beat of time was lost among them.... like the face of truth."  -Anais Nin

Are we running towards time, away from it or just... running? In RT, everything is performed backwards & played forward (in reverse) to provide the viewer with false perceptions of reality and time. In the video, the artist wakes up, puts on her running shoes and leaves her apt. She runs through an endless maze of stairs, opening doors unto rooms into corridors... each space opens unto each other seamlessly. Below each channel window are 3 differing Timecodes each tracking her journey.
The piece addresses issues of time, reality and time-ownership. What is real time exist- between what's recorded or experienced or percieved? Running Time.

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