p a s t  w o r k s:  i n t e r a c t i v i t y   (2000-2003)


A Bird's Life
This shockwave game's objective-taken from a NY pigeon's POV- you must crap on as many people as you can before your next feeding. Exceed the "head count" limit & progress to the next level. 3 levels -from stationary to flight -to attain Pigeon Nirvana.

my toy piano
An interactive experiment deconstructing the bridge between language, sound & phonetics. Three interactive playgrounds from "signing" to scrawling phonetics on a chalkboard to playing notes on a musical chart, this piece seeks to question-- "What is Sound?"


(3 interactive rooms)
A hypertext database piece challenging the place and point in time when love takes a turn and goes awry . It is about the silent discourse between lovers and an embedded memory which allows the past to be relived again and again...

The Listening Pillow
(Installation & DVD-Interactive Video Journey)
Trapped in a Dreamer's dream, the viewer must navigate through multi-channeled video/audio tracks & embedded links to escape its endless tale.
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 Flycatcher 2002
  Greeting Card

*Shockwave Player required for viewing.
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